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G-SHOCK CORNER – Everything About G-SHOCK Original By Casio | September 19, 2018

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G-Shock x Respect Video: Dave Willis Interview


Equally adept on a mic or skate deck, Bronx native Dave Willis aka Black Dave stars in the latest G-Shock x Respect video. Fresh from his Australian tour, Willis lays down his story and shares some style points. A creative force pushing his own path through the industry, it’s little wonder Willis and G-Shock are such a tight fit:

What drives you to be a great artist and a skater?
You just gotta excel at everything you do. I don’t wake up every day like, “Oh, I’m a great skater” or “I’m a great artist.” I wake up every day like, “I’m hungry, I gotta get more.” That’s how you achieve anything or get better at anything.

What do you try to convey in your music and in your whole style?
Just be yourself. Not everybody is as privileged as me or my homies being born and raised in New York City, East Coast, and having our hands on everything and being able to figure out what we wanna do. So wherever you’re from, no matter

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low budget, high budget, whatever you got going on, just be yourself. And that’s what I’m representing for all my fans and all my

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You like G-Shock’s style. Tell us about that.
They’re just classic. G-Shock has been around since I was a little kid, so when you see it, you know what it is from far away. There’s a lot of watches out there that you have to look at real close to see what brand they are. G-Shock just got that classic style, and they always switching it up, coming with new patterns, new designs. It’s an all-around classic watch.


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